Case Study - interview with Fran from The Beeswax Wrap Company


How did you shoot your work before coming to Article?

We used to shoot everything at our kitchen table, usually precariously balanced on a chair trying to get a good top down shot. One of our biggest struggles was consistency of light, as we worked through all the packs we would find that none of them looked the same thanks to the great British weather changing every 3 seconds!

What input did Article have pre-shoot?

One of the best things about working with Lenny and Jenny was the fact they completely understood our brand and what we wanted to convey in the shots, after a lovely kick off meeting we left them to it. We popped in to take a look at all the gorgeous props they have sourced and then turned up on the shoot day to find a fab set with our wraps beautifully propped. As a small but rapidly growing business it was wonderful to be able to hand over the reigns and let them take full charge. We just had to pop in to do a bit of hand modelling and then a few days later we had loads of stunning product photography. Magic!

Did you have a clear idea of what you wanted from the shoot?

We knew we wanted it to be vibrant and approachable, and what we received was so much more than we could have imagined. Lenny really understood who we are and what we wanted to convey and he achieved it so beautifully. Jenny really brought our wraps to life with beautiful food styling and thoughtful little touches.

How did the shoot go?

It was fantastic, we had so many packs to shoot but they methodically worked through each shot making sure each was unique but fit within the wider family. We were extremely impressed with how well organised it was.

What impact has working with Article had on your business?

They took a huge job off of our hands and have given us a lovely library of shots that have elevated our brand to a level we could never have achieved. Not only do we use our product shots for our own website but we supply to our wholesalers too to help them sell our product, the response from them has been fantastic. A key selling point of our business is the additional support we give to our wholesalers and having an image library full of stunning images has played a key part in our offering.

Thank you Fran!